Creating HTML Image Maps

Creating multiple clickable links or hotspots over different parts of an image is very simple to do using the HTML Map element.

In order to define some hotspots over an image you need to associate the image with a <map/> definition using the usemap attribute of the <img/> element.

The Map element requires a name attribute to be defined and acts as a container for a series of <area/> elements which allow you to define your hotspots as either, Rectangles, Circles or Polygons.

Here’s an example:

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How the internet has changed business and our approach to sales and marketing.

I recently came across an interesting case of a new start-up business that had been promoting itself very heavily in newspapers and regional fairs. They had a great concept which made people excited, myself included. I decided to google them and, no surprise, their website returned top spot. What is interesting though is that the subsequent result entries contain various references to forum posts of users having negative experiences with the business in question. The problems that people had complained about ranged from unanswered support request emails, issues with the business’s website, unexpected delays and the lack of  transparency regarding product delivery times and a shortfall in the product quality. All valid complaints which had remained unaddressed. (As an aside; I had a quick look into these issues and all of these could have been avoided with a little pro-active effort and attention-to-detail on behalf of the business.)

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